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     Institute of Dramatherapy of N.Greece
The Institute offers Dramatherapy Training , Dramatherapy groups, workshops and supervision. It is directed by Dr.Demys Kyriacou, psychiatrist, dramatherapist (RDTh), supervisor, and Mrs.Maria Pantelaki, psychiatric nurse, family therapist, dramatherapist.
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    Dramatherapists in Thessaloniki

  • Dr.Demys Kyriacou, (M.D.) Psychiatrist, Dramatherapist (RDTh), Supervisor, Homeopath. He is Director of the Cyprus Dramatherapy Course, Co-director of the Dramatherapy Course in N.Greece and a Trainer/Supervisor in both Courses. Individual and group dramatherapy, and supervision. Conducts weekend dramatherapy workshops and also winter and summer long intensive ones. He is a Full Member of the British Association for Dramatherapists (BADTh-UK),  Member of the Professional Greek Association of Dramatherapists and Playtherapists and of the European Association of Psychotherapy (E.A.P.). He works as a freelance dramatherapist and homeopath. As a homeopath he is a Full Memb.of the Hellenic Hom. Medical Society and of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis. He is also a writer and the creator/ designer of this Site for Dramatherapy in Greece and Cyprus.
Contact postal address: 3 Agalianou, Thessaloniki 54352, Greece.
Tel: (2310)909158, (2310)283002 E-mail:

  • The Blending of the Two – Training the supervisor-dramatherapist II in Supervision and Dramatherapy Ed. Elektra Tselikas-Portmann (1999) Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • The Rainbow Bridge and the Divided Space in Dramatherapy Theory and Practice 3 Ed. Sue Jennings (1997) Routledge Publishers.
  • Moving Behind the Obvious- A personal journey through Euripides’ “Medea” in the Theatre & Therapy Journal Vol.1, No.1 (1990)
  • Additional Therapeutic Elements of Drama in The Newsletter of the British Association for Dramatherapists (Summer 1994)
  • Numerous articles on dramatherapy, philosophy, psychology, Inner development in  the Greek bi-monthly journals “ANICHNEFSIS” and “AVATON” – in which he is a regular writer - and also in various other journals in Greece and Cyprus. 
Tel.: (2310)626061, 6945587409