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Spagyric Dramatherapy© (a term introduced by Dr.Demys Kyriacou) is a form or model of dramatherapy which attempts to link the world of psychological and psychotherapeutic theory and practice to that of spirituality and esoteric teachings and methods. It  addresses the needs of adult men and women who want to make a further step regarding their  self-development, a step beyond psychological problem solving or working through of issues and symptoms arising from everyday life. Using the tools of dramatherapeutic methodology it hearkens the deeper whispers of the Soul and attempts to open up  the rainbow channel or bridge between the everyday personality and the core of one's Being offering the Soul a chance to be realized and manifest.

Spagyria is an old, compound alchemical term of Greek origin signifying a double process necessary for inner transformation. It is comprised from the greek verbs "spazo", meaning break down, and "agiro", meaning "to collect". The Spagyria concept implies that some  personality forms and patterns must break down, restructured and transformed giving place to Soul-stuff to rise and manifest, or to put it in esoteric terms, to clear up debris from lower centers thus giving a chance for higher centers to function in one's life. The result being that of a psychologically healthy individual - and not an egocentric one - who is nevertheless in touch with one's Inner, Spiritual Core. The focus of Spagyric Dramatherapy is the Soul, that plane of existence most of which is oblivious from our everyday personality and about which thousands of years of esoteric tradition and practice have taught about. As a process it aims beyond the mere reorganizing of psychological defense mechanisms and a general "feeling better" or a "healthier ego" state but looks for the transformative and spiritual elements usually ignored by most of the current psychotherapeutic schools. On the one hand, it is orientated towards the inherent Soul-potential, and on the other in clearing the ground for the ego to cooperate, understand and contain the Soul's purpose, Its messages and treasures.

Spagyric Dramatherapy looks for and invokes the Transcendental function in the individual, acknowledging the various opposites in one's psyche and attempting to help one shift his/her psychic centre of gravity beyond them, beyond their battlefield and subjectivity, reaching out for that special inner sanctum where the  so called Hieros Gamos - Sacred Marriage (Eleusinian Mysteries) can take place.

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