Cyprus Dramatherapy on-going group

A closed Dramatherapy group is running, meeting once a month for 10 twelve hour sessions (weekends) (October 2012 - June 2013). Sessions take place at "GAIA Wellness Centre", Larnaca;  sessions  begin Saturday at 1p.m. and close on Sunday at 2.30p.m.

Group leader/dramatherapist is Dr.Demys Kyriacou. For information regarding the nature of work, commitments and fees please contact Dr.Kyriacou the soonest at



The first Dramatherapy groups begun in 1989 and soon the "Institute of Dramatherapy of Cyprus" was created offering Dramatherapy training, supervision and regular open Dramatherapy workshops.

Endeavours are being made for a more structured form of the Dramatherapy training which for the moment is in state of pause. The  Course Structure  is the same as the one followed in Thessaloniki-Greece.

For more information contact the Director of the Institute Demys Kyriacou M.D., R.DTh.(U.K.) at: 3 Agalianou, Thessaloniki 54352, Greece or send an e-mail to .

or tel. (0030)2310909158


 Roulla Demetriou is a Sesame trained Drama & Movement Therapist with experience in a wide variety of settings both in the UK and Cyprus. The Sesame Approach uses drama and movement in a symbolic way as a key to unlock otherwise closed doors in people’s emotional lives. It is non-confrontational, based in the knowledge that difficulties can be revealed through metaphor. Mrs. Demetriou conducts groups in both English and Greek language. she lives and works in Cyprus.

Tel: (00357)99530933 and E-mail: