Stories and Myths
"Stories are where reason does not go..........
For whenever we tell a story we continue the process of creation".
Alida Gersie & Nancy King


One of the major Dramatherapeutic tools are Stories, Myths and Fairytales. As it has been truly said "stories are gatekeepers between our inner and outer worlds" (Gersie & King). This page has been created to encourage you to share with me and my Dramatherapy colleagues here in Greece stories and myths you might have heard and have impressed you and/or stories that you yourself or a member of one of your groups have created. Our purpose is on the one hand to create an intercultural "Storymaking-Bridge" and on the other to publish stories, with your permission ofcourse, on a special Story Page in this Dramatherapy Site.

So how about sending me a short fairytale or myth that has really impressed you? You can use this form below and be sure that you will heard from us soon or you might even see your story in one of our pages.

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